My smells are weird, but they’re mine nonetheless

Why is it that everybody has their smell? I don’t mean the way they smell. I mean the smell that only they understand. It’s not like nobody else likes that smell per se, just that only they could ever understand the reason they enjoy it. My grandpa likes the smell of wet metal. I don’t think that it has a scent, but he begs to differ. My grandma loves the way dirt smells. I don’t think I have to explain my problem with that one. But I think that if we use context, we may be able to express the feelings or memories we tend to associate with the certain smells.

For the vast majority of my life, I’ve lived in a lower-middle-class home (that’s a sugar-coated way my mom uses to say we were poor). And most chores people take for granted, and I would gladly have done. Most individuals don’t like going to the grocery store. Those same individuals probably haven’t had to go to pick up food from the food bank. There’s a certain feeling of shame when you have to pick up food at a food bank; it comes from the looks everybody gives you. They all have looks of sympathy or compassion, but under that, there’s a constant silent judgement, and it hurts you deep in the pit of your stomach. Most people hate loading their dishwasher. Well, let me tell you that it’s a vacation compared to doing a large family’s dishes by hand. And my mother was always a bit of a Radical when it came to cleanliness, so the water was consistently just a little too hot to be comfortable, and if I didn’t get them all clean the first time, I had to rewash them all. So whereas most people would complain and try to talk their way out of loading a dishwasher, I do it willingly, because I know that it won’t take me all night before I finally “do it right” and get to go to bed.

But the one chore I can’t bring myself to find tedious is doing the laundry. I used to have to take our laundry to the laundromat by myself. The same hot, heavy feeling in your stomach comes to you when you’re at a laundromat. The same judgement from people who are trying to look like they care.But it hurts just a teensy bit more at the laundromat. People can see very clearly just how miserable you are at a laundromat. They can tell you don’t have the money for lots of loads when you keep stuffing the most significant amount of laundry possible into one load each time.

And I know what you’re thinking. ”What do sad chores have to do with smells?”. Well, my favourite smells (The ones that make me happy for no reason any sane human could explain.), are some odd choices. My first and most favourite smell is the smell of hot wet clothes that haven’t quite dried properly. It’s the cozies warmest smell in the world. It makes me want to take a nap, and god knows nobody gets enough of those nowadays. My second favourite smell is the smell of the water when the misters turn on over the vegetables in the grocery store produce aisles. It’s weird but, it’s something that smells so calming to me. Like a rainstorm for some people. I’d buy a closet’s worth of candles if they smelled like that. Finally my third favourite smell, and let me warn you this one is odd. Like, gasoline-sniffing odd. I love the smell of dishwasher detergent. The gritty stuff. It’s weird, but it smells clean to me. Usually, our kitchen smells like day old dirty dishes. But when you unload a dishwasher and that first blast of hot soap-scented steam hits you. Nothing’s nicer.

So everybody has their weird but comforting scents. Mine are mainly odd and take some explaining to make sense, but they’re mine.

If you wanna comment and leave a little story about your favourite odd scents and why you enjoy them. Feel free to do so.